What can businesses do?

Think flexibly
Consider allowing employees to work from home on some days, or stagger their start/finish times to avoid the roads during the most polluted hours. 
Incentivise active travel
With pedestrians and cyclists being shown to be less exposed to air pollution overall than those that used cars or public transport, incentivise staff to walk or cycle to work or between meetings, where possible. Consider signing up to the ‘cycle to work’ and providing cycle safety training.
Celebrate quiet ways and green spaces
Taking back routes can reduce exposure by 50% on average, so share information about local clean air routes with employees so they can avoid areas of high pollution. Celebrate local green spaces and tranquil areas.
Green up deliveries
Streamline deliveries and servicing, and consider using an ultra-low emission supplier. Reduce personal deliveries to the office by encouraging employees to use ‘click & collect’ services.
Green up your building
Conduct an energy review and include the impact of pollutants. Upgrade and fine tune your Building Management System and consider installing low NoX boilers.

Join the Air We Share Coalition

We think that collaboration between businesses is essential for finding solutions. That’s why we’re building a coalition of leading companies who want cut air pollution; and create greener, healthier cities that are better for everyone.  
The #AirWeShare provides business with an opportunity to take the lead, exploring what they can do individually and collectively to best engage policy makers, clients, employees and the public.
Hubbub will be working closely with business willing to invest in a series of practical interventions that will reduce Londoner’s exposure to poor air quality and act as a source of inspiration across the UK. If you'd like to join a growing collaboration working to tackle this issue, please get in touch.