Dharmika’s overall exposure was one of the lowest out of everyone, because she lives outside of London, commutes by train from St Albans and works in a modern office with clean air. 


I work as an accountant at Grosvenor with a focus on sustainability reporting. Resource (energy, gas & water) consumption, carbon emissions and waste management are a focus as well as community well-being. I am also very passionate about our natural environment. 
In my free time I enjoy keeping active with swimming
and practicing yoga. I also instruct yoga classes
and I am involved with the Uganda Conservation
Fund, which is a charity that helps to protect
wildlife in Uganda. 
Breathing is an essential element not only for life
but features as a powerful tool during running and
my practice of yoga.
I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my data indicated that my exposure to air pollution was among the lower end of the spectrum (...) It was surprising to learn how a busy road (Oxford Circus) with constant traffic has saturated levels of pollution compared to side streets nearby (Grosvenor Square) with a reduced volume of traffic.

When taking a back route in central London, Dharmika was 30% less exposed than when walking along a busy main street. 

We should be mindful about how we plan our journeys. We all need to make the time to remember that our actions impact our environment and we have a responsibility to ourselves and everyone around us 
We definitely need to encourage more walking and
cycling and make use of public transport and promote
car-pooling/ share car journeys as often as possible.
When walking I will definitely now choose the route which avoids heavily congested traffic, where the air pollution is so much worse.

"We should be mindful about how we plan our journeys."