Air pollution podcasts

Listen up! Here’s a selection of air pollution podcasts for you to get your ears around.
Air quality explained
UK Clean Air Lawyer Katie Nield from Client Earth talks about why air pollution is important and what the government obligations are.

Did air pollution kill nine-year-old Ella?


Did air pollution kill nine-year-old Ella?

Ella’s mother talks about her fight to reopen the inquest so that air pollution can be recognised as a contributing factor to her daughter’s death. 


Air Pollution: Invisible Killer

How can we clean up our air to become

healthier - and smarter? Discussion with

Audrey de Nazelle (Imperial College London),

Gary Fuller (Kings College London), Maria Neira (WHO) and Anumita Roychowdhury (Centre for Science and Environment). 

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Costing the Earth – Air Pollution

A series of 30 minutes podcasts including ‘Clean Air for Kids’, ‘Guilt-Free Flying’,

‘Lungs, Lies and Automobiles’, ‘The Air

That I Breathe’ 


How to fix...air pollution

Discussion with Lilian Greenwood (transport select committee) Kelly Oakes (Buzzfeed) and Sarah Macfadyen (British Lung Foundation) 

Behind the scenes of the #AirWeShare  
Andrew Grieve (King’s College London), Elle McAll (Hubbub) and Emily Bernstein (participant) talk about the air monitoring project and what they’ve learnt.