Act now, start with a simple switch

1. Use your car less 
Where it’s easy to make the switch - choose public transport instead
of taking a car.
Walking and cycling is a win win win. You help keep the air clean, you
keep fit, and you’re generally less exposed to pollution that you’d be
in a vehicle. You also save money! 
There are other wheely good options of course - shout out to all those adventurous enough to try rollerblades, scooters, skateboards and hoverboards. 
2. Re-route your commute 
Travelling down back routes, away from busy roads can dramatically reduce your exposure to polluted air.  
Travelling different routes can stimulate the mind and help you discover hidden corners of the city. Try downloading City Mapper and select
the ‘quiet route’, when looking for ways to get from a to b. 
3. Change delivery habits 
40% of us get deliveries to city centre work places, which directly creates more vehicles on the road - meaning more traffic and pollution. Click and collect is an easy, free alternative. Find your nearest click & collect point in London.
Looking for a pollution-free way of getting stuff about the city? 
Pedal-powered cargo bike services such as Pedal-Me are popping up
to deliver things (and sometimes people!), why not give it a go. 
4. Burn less at home 
Our homes give off pollution when fuel is burned - gas boilers, wood burning stoves, and fires in gardens. In winter, wood burning can 
contribute up to 10% of local emissions in London. 
By keeping your home cosy and insulating it well, you can turn down the thermostat, reducing pollution and saving you money on your energy bills. 
Most of us love a fire, but if you’re a bright spark you’ll avoid lighting fires
in cities. If you need to burn solid fuels to heat your home, make sure your stove meets legal requirements and use smokeless fuels. Read the guidance for wood burning stoves.  
5. Make your voice heard
Invite your MP to take action. MP’s act on our behalf. Sh-air your views with them, and invite them to take action to improve local air quality.
Look up the details of your local MP
Download an editable invitation here. 

Get stuck into the campaign

for change 

Join your voice with others by teaming up with a local campaign group - some ideas below.
the air team logo.png

The Air Team is open to anyone who’s worried about air pollution and wants to take creative action. They’re made up of Mum’s, Dad’s and children across the UK.

The Clean Air Parent’s Network is a network of parents (clue’s in the name), who campaign for clean air both nationally and locally. 

clean-air-parents logo.png

Friends of the Earth have groups all across the country campaigning for a range of environmental issues at a local level. 

mums for lungs.jpeg
The British Lung Foundation Breathe Easy groups have been set up to support people who are living with a lung condition which may be made worse by pollution. 
Mum’s for Lungs are
London-based groups of parents, concerned about the impact of pollution on their children.